Do You Know The Different Types of Roofs?

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Roofs come in many shapes and sizes and get covered with all types of material. Choosing the best material for different installations involves knowing your roof's architecture and understanding its limitations. Here is a basic look at the most common roof architecture categories and the types of [...]

What Are The Benefits of Standing Seam Roofs?


Metal is a durable, long-lasting roofing choice that has been used for centuries in its various forms. Standing seam panels are one of the more common varieties installed by metal roof services due to the number of positive features it offers. Standing seam metal offers many important [...]

Roofing – DIY or Hire Pros?

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There are a lot of handy homeowners who are perfectly capable of doing many repairs around their homes; however, fixing the roof is a different story. While this type of repair may seem easy enough for homeowners to tackle on their own, performing roofing work requires precision and an understanding of the [...]

What Do You Know About Stone Coated Steel Roofs?

Roofs in Huntsville Texas


Metal roofing technology continues to increase in leaps and bounds, helping homeowners get the best qualities of metal in a more attractive design. Steel that has been stone-coated provides the lasting durability that makes metal roofs desirable, while offering the look of more attractive materials like shingles, tile, [...]