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When your roof gets older or begins to show signs of overall deterioration, you know it is time to arrange for roofers to install a new one. Yet what about when you notice only one or two damaged shingles? This does not usually call for an emergency roofer repair by storm damage roofer services; however, it still requires some degree of attention.

If the damage to your asphalt shingles is isolated and only affects a few of them, you may be able to fix it yourself by using the helpful tips below.

When Should You Repair A Shingle?

A single curled or damaged shingle can potentially lead to a leaky roof. If the damage shows up suddenly, such as after a storm, you can easily repair it without calling for an emergency roof repair. Yet make sure to carefully observe your rooftop to see whether there are more than just one or two shingles affected.

If you see widespread curling, or if many shingles are damaged after bad weather, this indicates more serious problems that should be corrected by storm damage roofer services.

Repairing A Curled Shingle

To repair a curled shingle, lift the affected corner with a putty knife and then spread a layer of asphalt roof cement on the shingle beneath. Avoid spreading the cement onto the exposed part of the underneath shingle. Press the curled corner back down over the cement, tack it down using roofing nails, and spread a small amount of the cement over the nail heads to seal them.

Check the repaired shingle frequently to make sure the repair remains intact. If the shingle lifts up again, you may need to replace it or arrange for repair by professional roofers.  

Repairing A Torn Shingle

To repair a torn shingle that is not missing any pieces without calling for emergency roofer repair, start with the same above process for repairing a curled shingle. After spreading on the asphalt cement, press the two sides of the torn shingle down onto it. Then tack the shingle on both sides of the tear using enough nails to keep the tear secure. Cover the nail heads as well as the remaining crack where the tear is with the cement to seal any exposed areas.

Replacing A Shingle

When a shingle is torn so that pieces are missing or is significantly damaged in any way, replacing it is the best choice and what storm damage roofer services would recommend. Use a pry bar to carefully loosen the two shingles above the damaged one, breaking the adhesive seal.

Next, pry up the nails from the damaged shingle and the one directly above it. Remove the damaged shingle once it is free. Cut off the corners of the replacement shingle and then slide it into the space where the damaged one was. Gently secure the new shingle with roofing nails, being careful not to overdrive the nails. Then secure the shingles above. Apply cement to the tabs under the loosened shingles and gently nail those in as well. Finish by covering all the nail holes with the cement.

Keeping your roof in good condition is essential to prevent damage that could require emergency roof repair. If you notice minor damage to a few shingles, you may be able to repair or replace them without a call to storm damage services. If the damage is more severe or your own repairs do not hold, your best option is to arrange for a visit from experienced roofers who can assess the situation and make the appropriate repairs!

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